Fireworks fundraising | Bonanza students working hard this Fourth of July

Bonanza High School cheerleaders are hard at work, fundraising with one of the many fireworks stands around the valley. (KSNV)

This Fourth of July had a group of students from Bonanza High School working long hours.

Since June 28, they’ve been operating a fireworks stand on the southeast corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue.

The students are members of the Bangles cheerleading team, and they’re working to raise $2,000.

“Cheer is very expensive, so we have to do a lot of fundraisers to get money for competitions, uniforms, and game day,” says Briana Brown.

It’s the first year they’ve raised money by selling fireworks. The group paid $1,600 to secure rights to the location and the inventory.

After repaying startup costs the group pockets 50-percent of each sale.

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