Foothill High School Twitter page hacked, CCSD Police investigating

Foothill High School Twitter page hacked, CCSD Police investigating. 9/13/17 (KSNV)

It’s the official Twitter page of a large local high school and on Tuesday it was the subject of an alarming and embarrassing hack.

It started just after 2 p.m. on the Foothill High School Twitter page. In an hour a number of tweets were sent that ranged from anarchist symbols, taunts, to offensive messages targeting staff. Half of the tweets seemed to be in response to some sort of school policy.

“If you want students to learn and enjoy,” they write “change the school system.”

Clark County School District spokesperson Melinda Malone told us in a statement: “We take any unauthorized access to the school's Twitter account seriously. School police are involved and are investigating. Any student found to be involved in sharing or retweeting this content could face disciplinary action.”

As of this publication, the tweets are still on the @Foothill_HS Twitter page.

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