Former gang members talk about the rise in crime in Las Vegas

Seven and Former Gang Members [Fatima Rahmatullah/KSNV]

Violent crimes are on the rise in the Las Vegas Valley and there are alarming new statistics that prove this fact.

Murder, rape, and robberies all violent crimes are examples of a rising crime rate. While some blame the lack of cops on our streets, others blame the influx of gangs.

News 3 sat down with a group of former gang members.

"When you're on the streets dealing with gang violence and your cousin gets killed, that hurt perpetuates you to kill somebody else," said Faith Pettis.

The statistics are alarming in Metro's jurisdiction, with homicides up 61.7 percent this year compared to the same time last year.

Robbery is up 22.5 percent and sexual assault is up 10.4 percent. The increase of crime has many outraged.

"There's a lot of people that have this so called outrage but I feel like if your outrage doesn't bring you outside your fake too. You're a part of this problem," said Sevin.

And 'The Problem' former Bloods gang member Sevin says is everyone.

"This is what happens when those who have so much don't reach back and help those who have so little. There's more organization for what's wrong in the streets than there is for what's right," said Sevin.

According to Metro, no area is untouched by crime. Downtown Las Vegas, Summerlin, the Southwest violence is up in every precinct.

"We're seeing when we've taken away certain programs things have gotten worse, why are those programs not being reinstated," said Sevin.

The solution this group says isn't to put young people behind bars, rather give them time.

"We found a way to bail out these banks let's find a way to bail out our own children," said Queem.

Results these men hope will change the direction of the young lives and the direction of a community.

If you would like to get involved there's a concert "The Mob Tour" Friday, June 10th featuring Sevin at Club His Hop 3495 Patrick Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89120. It starts at 8 pm.

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