Friend finds victim of hit-and-run at Jones, Tropicana

LAS VEGAS (KSNV My News 3) -- A Las Vegas man was found dead in some bushes near the Home Depot on Tropicana Avenue and Jones Boulevard on Wednesday. Police are looking for the driver who hit the man and left him to die.

Not only did the driver leave the scene, but the victim laid in the bushes unnoticed for two hours, his friend estimated.

"I came from the mini-mart and found my friend in the bushes," David Reynolds said. "He had no pulse. It was crazy."

Reynolds said he found his friend, known as "Chuck," hidden in thick brush in front of the Rebel station.

"We heard a loud pop," he said. "We thought a car had popped its tire on the curb or something. I guess that was the car that hit him."

Reynolds called 911 once he found his friend. The man was unresponsive as police arrived.

"I hope they catch him and he goes to jail," Reynolds said. "He shouldn't get a right to hit somebody and kill him and drive off."

Two other men who knew the victim, Anthony Manor and Eric Madrigal, said they hope the person responsible for the death is found and punished.

Reynolds said it will be difficult getting over the death of his friend.

"I just started praying for him," Reynolds said.

Police said a surveillance camera at the Rebel station did not record the hit-and-run.