Gaming industry optimistic Trump presidency will benefit business

Gaming industry optimistic Trump presidency will benefit business. 12/20/16 (Sergio Avila | KSNV)

Casino resorts are the lifeblood of our economy but what does the industry look like under a Donald Trump presidency?

The American Gaming Association announced they are optimistic a Trump administration means more good news for the industry. The Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, Doctor Tony Alamo, believes Las Vegas and the gaming industry are thriving because misguided notions about the business are a thing of the past.

"It is so accepted that you have professional sports wanting to come here," said Alamo.

That sentiment is shared by AGA president Geoff Freeman who spoke during a conference call.

"We've entered an era where this industry is mainstream," said Freeman.

Freeman said the president elect's experience as a casino owner will benefit an industry that's trying to expand. One topic they're targeting is expanding sports betting across the country instead of just in Nevada.

"We're optimistic that states and tribes will soon have the opportunity to choose if they wish to regulate sports betting in the same way they have chosen whether they wish to regulate other casino gaming products," said Freeman.

The AGA has sent a memo to Trump and his transition team outlining what they see as critical for the future of gaming.

Topics to include, immigration reform, illegal gambling, tax reform, and tourism.

For Alamo the gaming industry has become so mainstream he compares it to the auto industry and says it's a topic future presidents can no longer shy away from.

"Yes, is it a positive thing having a president who understands the business of gaming, the gaming industry. That's a good thing. The gaming industry, does it need it? Gaming is not going anywhere," said Alamo.

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