Homeless say streets getting worse as murder investigations continue

As the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department increases its efforts to solve the killings of two homeless men that occurred about a month apart, those that live on the streets say they hope for an arrest quickly.

Daniel Aldape, 46, was killed Jan. 4 as he slept near the intersection of Grand Central and City parkways in downtown Las Vegas. On Feb. 3, Dave Dunn, 60, also was killed near the same area. Both men were struck in the head repeatedly.

“What's particularly disturbing is the motive,” said Metro Officer Larry Hadfield. “You have two homicides in the same part of town, so close together and resemble each other, and it's very disturbing.”

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Bryan Craig, who has been homeless on and off for nine years, admits he has seen a change out on the streets.

“The violence has really escalated. I mean, it's getting out of control,” he said. “I don't sleep outside. You pretty much have to carry a weapon, and I don't want to do that.”

Hadfield says investigators have been canvassing the area regularly, hoping for any information. In fact, potential witnesses might not even realize they saw something important.

“People that have been in these areas and did see something suspicious whether it's a vehicle plate, or description of some individual, that was in the area could be very, very important to solving these two homicides,” he said.

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Hadfield admits solving these murders may be challenging. A homeless victim rarely has social media to search through, so there are no obvious pool of friends and acquaintances.

“We're confident as we go forward we're going to find information,” Hadfield said.

Craig says he believes the killer will be caught and is relieved officers are out asking questions.

“I don't know if it's robberies or whatever, but we have an element of violence that's come to Las Vegas that's unprecedented,” he said.


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