Homeowner concerned groundwater causing pool to sink

A Henderson family is concerned about the ground beneath their home. They say it's unstable, and already their pool is sinking and unusable.

"By Memorial Day we started noticing the cracks and how it was sinking from one corner to another just gradually. We started noticing the walls were separating," said homeowner Mike Rebarchick.

It was supposed to be a dream amenity, in their dream home. When the Rebarchick family moved into the Aventine Subdivision just over a-year-ago, the home was brand new, so they decided to add a pool.

Unfortunately, the only thing they're swimming in today... is frustration.

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"August is when we got our water bill, that we had lost all that water, 600-gallons per day, I don't know for 40-days," said Rebarchick.

He believes the cause is clear, the ground is sinking.

On Monday, News 3 broke the story of ground water seeping up through the asphalt in the community next door, residents there worried about erosion, even sink holes.

Rebarchick also pointed out his neighbor's balcony, which is now tilting away, even separating from the main structure.

"We did everything by the book," said Rebarchick, "contacted the City of Henderson, used the proper permits, used licensed, bonded and insured sub-contractors, and this is where we are."

News 3 spoke to the City of Henderson who said their responsibility is to make sure things are built to code. We attempted to speak to someone at the Lennar Home Finding Center. We also called the Lennar corporate office and was told we'd receive a statement by 6-p-m (Tuesday). We did not.

The Rebarchik's meantime, say yes, they'd like their pool fixed, but they have a sinking feeling they may have even bigger problems in the future.

"And yeah, we're concerned about the long-term effect. Is our house safe? Are we safe?" said Rebarchik.

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