Hundreds of local students in foster care get ready for the new school year with CASA

Close to 500 kids in the foster care system are now ready to head back to school, thanks to volunteers with a special event through CASA. (KSNV)

Dancing, singing ... it sure seems like a party.

But this is the end of summer with the school year just around the corner.

For around 500 kids, today is the day they get ready for the new school year.

"They know people here care about them and that gives them the extra boost they need," said Elizabeth Ham, CASA President.

It's the fifth year CASA has thrown this event.

It started with just 80 kids, but now, with the help of a growing number of volunteers, hundreds of kids have been added.

They live in the foster system and their stories can be heartbreaking.

"Some of them will tell us their stories, sometimes we have to go in the back and cry a little bit and be there for them. But some of them are just here to enjoy the day," said Barb Garcia Grove with the Square Salon.

You might also remember the first day of the school year and the nerves you have (or had).

During Sunday's event in the plaza, first impressions are made, backpacks are loaded up, new shoes are handed out, and a new look is given, free of charge.

"I don't know about you, I was always nervous going back to school so this helps them get everything they need and helps build confidence," said Ham.

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