It's official: Rosen jumps in race against Heller

Jacky Rosen speaks with News 3's Dana Wagner during Connect to Congress. 3/8/17 (Sinclair Broadcast Group)

Republicans say she hasn't been in Washington long enough for a cup of coffee. Now she wants to be a U.S. Senator?

Jacky Rosen says there’s a lot more to count than just her six months in Congress representing Nevada’s 3rd District.

“Raised a family I'm proud of, did community work that I'm proud of, I was a woman in computer science when there weren't many women starting in the 70's, so I have a lot of accomplishments to point to,” she told me Thursday, the day she confirmed what had been expected: that she wants to unseat incumbent Republican Dean Heller, Nevada’s senior U.S. Senator.

Rosen - the former head of Ner Tamid Temple - says she's ready to rumble.

“Senator Heller, President Trump, they're not listening. Clearly, watch the town halls going on across America,” Rosen says, referring to the raucous constituent meetings that have greeted the Republican lawmakers who have held them.

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Republicans are taking health care heat, and nobody's in the spotlight more than Heller, who says the Republican plan to replace Obamacare hurts Nevada - and could toss tens of thousands of Nevadans off Medicaid.

He's still a "no."

No matter, says Rosen.

“Now that there is a spotlight shining on him because he has a real tough race - maybe he's going to fund Planned Parenthood, maybe he's going to vote against repeal. Well, what does he do when there's not a spotlight? He votes to dismantle, sabotage, and repeal Obamacare,” Rosen says.

Heller says he’s been consistent in his Obamacare opposition, saying it drove up premiums, the cost of care, and has hurt the economy.

For her part, Rosen is already a GOP bullseye.

"Extreme liberal" the National Republican Senatorial Committee called her in a statement Thursday.

“Jacky has followed in lock-step with San Francisco radical Nancy Pelosi, voting with her 91-percent of the time," said the NRSC, which also took a shot at the fact former Senator Harry Reid had encouraged Rosen to run.

“She is already in the pocket of Nevada’s political puppet-master,” added the NRSC’s Michael McAdams.

Rosen says she's progressive, pragmatic, and bi-partisan.

And she's not the only Democrat who wants to face Heller.

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“I think I can win a primary and I think Dean Heller is vulnerable,” Congresswoman Dina Titus told me last week.

Titus, who represents Nevada’s 1st district, is mulling a run, which would first pit Democrat versus Democrat.

Titus told me she plans to make a decision this summer.

In a not-so-subtle hint, today, Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, Congressman Ruben Kihuen, and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee endorsed Rosen, hoping she gets the field to herself, in what could be the Senate race to watch.

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