Quate Case: Arrest report details evidence of sexual assault and child pornography

Jason Quate appears in court Monday, June 12, 2017, at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. (Erin Johnson/KSNV)

Jason Quate was in court on Monday as he faces pending child abuse charges.

According to evidence compiled by police and forensic investigators in an arrest report, Quate may have been sexually assaulting his two oldest daughters.

State Prosecutors asked the judge for more time to gather information before moving forward on possible charges. The judge decided to keep Quate in custody regarding these charges.

On Monday, new details were uncovered in an additional arrest report.

The reports said when Quate's two oldest daughters were found by police on June 6, the two girls were in separate beds both were nude below the waist. Forensic investigators say exams not only show scars on their face, arms, torso, and head but also may show signs of sexual assault involving penetration.

Sexual assault kits are being processed and sheets found at the residence are also getting processed for DNA.

Police are also investigating Jason Quate on child pornography charges. According to the report, during a search warrant, police discovered multiple images on Quate's phone. Several graphic pictures showing naked young girls and with naked adult men engaged in sex acts.

Quate awaits his return to court on June 16.


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