Jurors listen to statement murder suspect Thomas Randolph gave to detectives

Thomas Randolph appears in court Tuesday, June 20, 2017, during his murder trial at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. (Chad Graves/KSNV)

Jurors heard the statement that murder suspect Thomas Randolph gave to police in May 2008 during testimony Tuesday at the Regional Justice Center.

Randolph is heard describing returning home from a dinner date with his wife, Sharon. He told police his wife got out of the car first and was shot by an intruder just as she entered the house.

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"When you were out at the truck did you hear anything?" Randolph is asked by a detective.

Randolph, who has difficulty hearing, says he never heard gunshots and first noticed something wrong when he entered the home.

"Enter the house and what did you see?" asked a detective. "Sharon laying on the floor, just laying face down," he said.

Randolph told police his wife was shot by an intruder and that he confronted the intruder and killed him.

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Prosecutors say it was an elaborate scene, that the intruder was actually a hit man hired by Randolph.

The motive, according to police, was to stage his wife's death to collect on a $400,000 life insurance policy.

The trial will resume Wednesday afternoon.

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