Jury deliberating fate of doctor accused of sexual assault against patients

Dr. Binh Chung, 43, appears in court Monday, May 8, 2017, at the Regional Justice Center in Las Vegas. (Donald Lane/KSNV)

The closing arguments happened on Friday in the sexual assault case against a local doctor.

Binh "Ben" Chung is on trial for multiple charges of sexual assault, stemming from allegations he raped several of his patients.

Attorneys for the prosecution and defense are made a final push to the jury on whether or not Chung should be locked up as guilty or let free as an innocent man.

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For days, several women have taken the stand, testifying that they were drugged and then raped by Chung on his exam table.

Chung took the stand, himself, on Thursday, denying accusations he sexually assaulted any of his patients. Chung says the sexually explicit videos that he recorded in his clinic were role play of a woman he was having a secret affair with, who is one of his accusers.

As part of his so-called "Sleeping Beauty" fetish, the woman, he says, would pretend to be asleep.

"He is no Prince Charming," said prosecutor Lisa Luzaich. "He found a sex fetish online. Sleep"

Chung's defense attorney echoed his claim of innocence in closing arguments, as well as claiming the state has not proven its case.

"They have the burden of proof, not us!" said defense attorney Chris Oram. "This is ridiculous. It's an affair. Anyone can see that."

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In their closing arguments, the prosecution is arguing a completely different story to the jury though. Using those videos as evidence, along with the testimonies of multiple women who say they were given a shot before the alleged sexual assaults, state attorneys are asking the jury to find Chung guilty of all of the charges against him.

Prosecutor and Chief Deputy District Attorney Alex Chen says it's all on videotape.

"The evidence in this case ladies and gentlemen is that this was rape. And the defendant in his selfish desire to get exactly what he wanted was willing to risk the lives of all the people," said Chen. "All the needles he gave, just to satisfy his own personal desires."

Chung now faces 14 felony counts including kidnapping, sexual assault, and battery. His medical license is now suspended.

Following closing arguments, the jury went into deliberations to determine a verdict for each of Chung's charges.

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