Lake Mead paddle wheeler loses power on lake, drifting into other boats in marina

The large paddle wheeler boat "Desert Princess" lost power on Lake Mead, leaving 168 passengers drifting on the lake. 4/18/17 (Jeff Gillan | KSNV)

There was quite the scare on Lake Mead today.

One of its biggest boats lost power Tuesday afternoon and then the wind took over.

The Desert Princess paddle wheeler, a favorite with tourists, was left drifting.

Shortly after noon, as it pulled out of its dock at Lake Mead Cruises, it lost power.

Witnesses on the boat tell News 3 the Desert Princess began drifting and at one point started colliding into boats in the marina.

The drama triggered a response from the Las Vegas Boat Harbor and boats from the National Park Service.

They corralled the boat and stopped it from drifting.

Eventually, it came back to the dock under its own power.

There was one minor injury for a crew member who was taken to a local hospital.

There were 168 people on board at the time the boat lost power.

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