Last-minute deal saves School District jobs


Cuts to Clark County School District staffing were avoided at the last minute on Thursday night, but now it’s up to union leaders if they want to save some $16 million and the potential job loss that comes with it.

The union and the school district will have to agree on furloughing workers for two days. That will be no small task, and it's one they will have to agree on in the next week or two.

But it was great news for dozens of parents, employees and students who came to the CCSD budget meeting to fight. If you want to see how bad these cuts could have been, you can hear the blunt talk from students at Burk High School, which is set to close, or from an autistic student who’s afraid he’ll lose his special education program.

“[…] if it were to be ok with you guys to not cut the budget for special education,” Franklin Ramos requested at the CCSD meeting. “because, as you know, kids have dreams and we are all the same with disability or without disability. If we can be together, and follow what we can do, then we know that we can succeed.”

Another student criticized the budget shortfall saying “There’s a reason Nevada is ranked 49th in education, and that’s because we’re extremely underfunded. And the careless loss of $80 million does not help it at all.”

There was serious talk Thursday night about an audit as the public and some board members have called for a forensic audit to see if there’s been fraud or something illegal happening. the big question looms: where did the money go?

School Board President Deanna Wright tells us the critical problem is state funding.

“It scares us. I drove by communities where they’re building houses, and they’re building apartments, and I think “where am I going to put those kids?” Said Wright. “It gives me heartburn heartache and while we need development we also need to find education at a level that will support the students we have.”

The superintendent has informed the trustees that he will begin working with union leaders on negotiating a furlough on Friday.

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