Local Dreamers concerned after recent deportation of man under DACA protection

Dreamers are more concerned now than ever after the recent deportation of a one-time Dreamer who was under DACA protection. (KSNV file)

She has become the face of Dreamers all across the country, but Las Vegas local Astrid Silva is more than just a symbol, she’s also a national advocate with real concerns.

Lately, that worry became a reality after the recent deportation of 23-year-old Juan Montes, a one-time Dreamer who was under deferred action or DACA protection status.

While she admits details of his case are unclear, Silva says what is clear is that Dreamers are more concerned now than ever.

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"And now, over the past few months, we've seen people not only with DACA status detained but also in this case deported," said Silva.

The fears she says, have escalated under the Trump administration.

Meanwhile, attempted border crossings this month are at their lowest level in 17 years.

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According to immigration attorneys like Peter Ashman, immigrants are stepping up in droves to make sure their paperwork is in order. As for deportations?

"We really haven't seen a whole lot of difference in that, other than just the tone coming out of the White House and the administration,” said Ashman.

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It’s a tone, Silva says, that has many people living in America afraid for their future.

"What we need to do is find a strong solution for the 11-million people that are already here. Because we live here, we pay our taxes, we contribute to this country," said Silva.

As a Dreamer, Silva says her hope and the hope of many others is that the government will allow them to stay in the U.S., live out their lives, and do so without fear.

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