Local family homeless after third fire at apartment complex in 3 weeks

Boarded up after a fire ripped thru the complex last off Maryland/Sahara. Residents say they're fed up. This is the 2nd major fire in 2 weeks. 3/17/17 (Heather Mills | KSNV)

A terrifying night for a local family when their apartment goes up in flames, barely giving them enough time to get out. It's the third fire at Solaire Apartments in the last three weeks and residents say they want answers.

An eyewitness told News 3, "All you could hear was the kid's screaming, help me, help me, help me." Thursday night, firefighters attacked the flames that were shooting out of the complex off Maryland near Sahara, using ladder trucks. Those screaming kids were Jamal Enskip's family.

"I got burned when I was bringing my daughter out of the house," he said. "As I was coming down the stairs, I passed out ‘cuz the smoke was so strong." It even caused him to drop his daughter and she fell down the stairs. He said he doesn't know why, but something made him get up and go to the door Thursday night. When he opened it, he was surrounded. "It was a wall of fire," he explained. He said there was no warning. "No smoke alarms, I didn't hear no smoke alarms."

Within minutes, flames engulfed the entire building. "I lost everything, my cat died, all that," said Enskip, holding back tears.

Now homeless and looking for answers, he said management hasn't offered any. "This ain't right."

Two-weeks-ago, after another fire took place, News 3 spoke with Westland Real Estate Group who manages the property. They told us they've been working to address everyone's concerns. But, residents like Jessie Currie says that's still not happening.

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"They said they were going to raise the rents and everything on everybody, so they would better up the property, but, ever since they took over the property just went really bad downhill," she told us.

With three major fires in three weeks; one Feb 26th, the other March 7th and again the 16th; people are concerned about their safety. Enskip said his kids can't even sleep at night.

Investigators are still working to find a cause, but Clark County Fire Battalion Chief Leo Durkin says the reason fires like this spread so fast is because older apartments around the valley have older fire codes and often have concealed spaces like a central attic.

"They create an avenue of vertical fire spread and horizontal fire spread," he explained.

That means, once it starts, it can quickly spread.

Enskip says he's lucky to be alive, "If we would have been sleeping there, we wouldn't have made it out of there."

News3 reached out to Solaire Apartments management for comment. They did not respond.

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