Locals react to Puzder's withdrawal as Labor secretary nominee

It’s been rumored for weeks, and today it happened.

Carl’s Jr. CEO Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination to become President Trumps Secretary of Labor.

After Puzder’s nomination, a Las Vegas Carl’s Jr. employee emerged to testify against his nomination, along with labor groups.

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“Look who is up there. They’re all billionaires, people with money,” says Lupe Guzman, she’s worked for Carl’s Jr. for 7 years.

“The next person that gets nominated for Secretary of Labor needs to be for us, for the people,” declares Guzman, although she’s doubtful Trump will pick someone she likes.

Puzder was criticized for his wealth and for having hired an undocumented worker as a maid 25 years earlier.

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“Let’s have everybody in Washington raise their hand who has done that. Please,” says conservative talk host Heidi Harris.

It’s unclear who will emerge as a nominee to replace Puzder.

Puzder became CEO in 2000, and is credited with managing the company out of crushing debt, to a profitable chain of over 3,600 restaurants.

“Here’s a guy who has actually hired people,” says Harris.

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