LVMPD officers arrest two men they believe shot a man and left him to die in the desert

This is the terrain a man in his 30s dealt with as he walked the desert with a gunshot wound to the stomach. 5/19/17 (Antonio Castelan | KSNV)

Officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department have arrested two men they believe left another man for dead … but the victim survived hours in the desert.

Jeff Graffio saw the victim.

“He was shot, left for dead," said Graffio.

Graffio found a man in his 30s with a gunshot wound to his stomach inside his office Wednesday morning. Graffio is the operations manager for Armorock, a polymer-concrete business just outside Boulder City.

"He managed to find an open fence and made his way to the property and actually into the office area to get to a phone and call 911,” said Graffio.

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Officers say the victim claims two men picked him up at his Boulder City home and drove him south on U.S. 95, way out into the desert by Searchlight, Nev. Once in a remote spot, the victim told police he was shot and left for dead, but he survived and was wandering for hours under the night sky.

"Very lucky from what we heard, he may have traveled up to 15 miles wounded across the desert ... from what we heard, he may have been towards Searchlight where they dumped him,” said Graffio.

Police sources tell News 3 the shooting was tied to an insurance fraud scheme and the victim knew one of the assailants.

On Thursday, officers arrested two men, Yoandy Fernandez-Morales and Jose Eugenio Hernandez. They're both being held on kidnapping and attempted murder charges.

Graffio will never forget how the victim looked.

“He actually looked in pretty good condition for considering somebody with a gunshot wound and having to trek through the desert with no water,” said Graffio.

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