Man arrested in 'homeless' mannequin ploy facing attempted murder charges

A clever police ploy has landed a 30-year-old man in jail.

Detectives placed a mannequin at a spot where homeless men were murdered.

The destruction of that mannequin has led police to question Shane Schindler about those murders.

Thirty-year-old Schindler finds himself in the Clark County Detention Center on a concealed weapons charge.

Detectives with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department say Schindler was caught on surveillance cameras bashing a mannequin in the head with a four-pound hammer. The mannequin looked like a homeless man sleeping.

Police say they placed a decoy mannequin near City Parkway and Ogden as part of their ongoing investigation into the murders of two homeless men. The killings occurred while the men were sleeping.

According to LVMPD Officer Michael Rodriguez, Schindler is also now facing attempted murder charges in connection with a beating that happened in downtown Las Vegas in November.

Larry Potts, a homeless man in the area, has been living in fear.

"There's a lot of people who sleep on the street so that could have been me,” said Potts.

Police say 46-year-old Daniel Aldape and 60-year-old David Dunn were the two homeless men murdered earlier this year. Each man died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, possibly by a hammer.

Their bodies were found in the area where surveillance cameras caught Schindler destroying the mannequin on Feb. 22.

Bobby Sutherland, who is also homeless, says he's been avoiding the area.

"I figure if there are killers, stay away. That's how I look it,” said Sutherland.

The police report says Schindler admitted to striking the decoy mannequin but he tells police he knew it was a mannequin.

Potts says when you're homeless, safety is a top priority.

"It's not too good for a homeless person to be in struggle already and then for them to be murdered for no apparent reason, it's just a tragedy,” said Potts.

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