Brother shoots sibling during domestic dispute

Homicide detectives just arrived on scene where one person was shot. 3/17/17 (Christy Wilcox | KSNV)

A man is dead after being shot by his own brother near Hualapai Way and Farm Road.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department received the call received at 3:04 p.m. in the 10200 block of Yarmouth Sea Court.

Police say a domestic dispute broke out between 18 and 22-year-old brothers in a domestic dispute.

"One of them retrieved a knife and the other had a gun and there was a gunshot," said Lt. Dan McGrath

The older brother shot and killed his younger brother who had a knife recovered by police. McGrath said the arriving officers pushed that knife away from the teen. Both parents were inside the home during the shooting and the father tried to provide medical aid according to law enforcement.

Police said they have not determined what led to the domestic violence dispute between the two, but will use police body cameras to better understand what happened and if criminal charges will be filed.

"It allows us to review what the officers were told when they got here and we can go back and watch that," said McGrath.

Police are advising community members to call police in cases of domestic dispute.

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