Man whose car was set on fire at Jewish Center calls arson act 'despicable'

Man whose car was set on fire at Jewish Center calls arson act despicable. 5/10/17 (KSNV)

The man whose car was set on fire Monday at the Chabad Center on Arville and West Sahara says he's not angry but wonders what the motivation could have been.

Pinchas Winograd did call the act despicable and believes at the very least it was an act of mischief caused by a troubled individual.

"All the Jews have ever asked for throughout history is to let us live, have a livelihood, raise our families and practice our religion," said Winograd.

The incident comes at a difficult time for Winograd who is mourning the loss of his wife of more than 30 years. Yudka Winograd died a few weeks back during the Passover Holiday.

Meantime, the man charged with arson for setting fire to the car, Afshin Bahrampour is scheduled to appear before a judge on Thursday morning.


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