MGM casino floor makes room for professional video game tournament

For the first time, a mass of people is gathered on the casino floor - not for casino gaming - but for video gaming.

The game is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a first person shooter where two teams shoot it out on the battlefield.

Dreamhack Masters hosts these tournaments around the world. This week it's in Las Vegas in the center of the gaming floor.

Playing in this tournament is local Las Vegan Hunter Mims, known to other players as "Sick."

"I joined a professional team about a year ago. It's like a dream job because this is my passion," Mims said.

Sick's career is just beginning but he's already traveled to places most 18-year-olds have not.

"I've been to like Europe, Canada," Mims said.

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Spectators gather around the screen to watch the two teams playing live.

Julius Herron from Atlanta had to stop and take a photo. For him, these young men are entrepreneurs.

The first place team takes home $200,000.

"I need to tell my grandchildren to watch this game. Maybe they'll get excited about it," Herron said.

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For Sick, it's a career choice he's hoping to excel in and, more importantly, one his parents are supporting.

"My parents were kind of fine with it because it was a hobby and I guess it was safer than going outside and joining a gang or something. They're really supportive, they're actually coming today," he said.

This is just the beginning of this tournament; it'll continue through the weekend with the championships happening at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

For more information about the event, you can visit the Dreamhack Masters website.

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