Mob Museum allows virtual visitors to control 'Moe-Bot' in guided tour


If you haven't stopped by the mob museum yet, it can now come to you!

Starting today, the museum organizers are introducing what they call "Moe-Bot".

A virtual tour of all of the cool exhibits inside the museum, right on your desktop, laptop, or mobile museum.

Moe-Bot was conceived as a way to expand the Museum's audience reach to include anyone who cannot visit the Museum in person. It will let visitors to participate in live, immersive, interactive, guided tours of the museum by a computer from virtually anywhere in the world.

The visitors' face will appear on Moe-Bot's screen, and virtual visitors will be able to guide the robot's movement using user controls. A Museum guide accompanies the Moe-Bot visitor to answer questions, point out displays and ensure each tour experience personalized.

For groups using Moe-Bot, the teacher can control the device while its video feed is projected for his or her class to watch.

The fee is $79, but for those who are physically unable to visit the museum, it's free. To apply for that. and to make an appointment, head to call (702) 229-2734.

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