MONEY MATTERS: What Nevadans Googled most, Sears closing rumors, and Samsung factory fire

Have you even wondered what Nevadans search on google more than any other state?

Estateley puts together this quirky list from time to time. It says Nevadans have searched for the Aziz Ansari Saturday Night Live monologue more than any other state.

Another popular search in Nevada was 'Rick Perry veto controversy". Perry is the new energy secretary nominee.

Nevadans also searched for the A.C.L.U. letter to Trump, and the impeach Trump petition.

Is the end near for an iconic American retailer?

A major retailer could be closing some of its stores.

Sears stock hit an all time low and some are wondering if it's toast. Rumors of impending doom for the company have been swirling for some time as sales continue to plunge and losses mount.

Retail is going through a major restructuring right now.

Fire breaks out at the factory that made the batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

This sounds like a made up story, but the factory in china that made the exploding samsung galaxy note 7 phones has itself caught fire.

Bloomberg says it was a "minor fire" that did not affect production, and that the fire actually occurred at a waste depository and not at a production facility.

The plant made the batteries used in the recalled phone.

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