More than just a convention, Lowe's employees build for Las Vegas kids

Conventions in Las Vegas provide a financial shot in the arm for the valley. But, one Fortune 50 company is leaving behind more than that. Employees at Lowe's spent the day building for the Las Vegas community.

More than 20 schools like Howard Hollingsworth Elementary are receiving things like picnic benches and chairs so that kids can spend more time outdoors.

It's the red vest you may recognize. But, an assembly line you won't. This one is full of smiles, working to the tunes of bass-pumping, motivational music. 3,000 Lowe's employees worked Wednesday to build something together.

Larry Edens is the Market Director of Stores Las Vegas. He said they did everything, "from picnic tables to benches to toolkits." And many of those items are staying in Las Vegas. "

It wasn't just, let's build some stuff. It was, let's make a difference in people's lives here," said Katie Garcia, in from Denton, Texas.

While visiting the city for their annual sales meeting, the home improvement specialists really put their tools to work at the Sands Expo Convention Center.

"We have some talented folks who actually enjoy slinging a hammer every now and again," said Edens.

"I don't know how many we put together, but this is probably the last one," said Will Weaver, who works out of Wichita Falls, Texas.

They built picnic tables, patio sets, and even storage sheds, all for Las Vegas schools and the community through Lowe's partnership with Keep Las Vegas Beautiful.

"There's more than 600 items that are being loaded onto a truck, so this donation is going to go a long way," said Jocelyn Bluitt-Fisher.

Jocelyn is a Senior Neighborhood Outreach Specialist with the City of Las Vegas. She says what they are doing is going to make a huge difference for our schools.

And also for kids across the nation. The production line also boxed 4,000 toolkits for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

"It's pretty exciting, it's more than I anticipated," Edens told us. It was a day of service with a smile.

"Just giving back, it's amazing, it's a good feeling," said Garcia.

Thursday the schools will start picking up their items. Other things will also go toward the city's homeless, int he Corridor of Hope.

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