Survivor involved in fiery crash: 'Suddenly, there was a big boom'

A Toyota Corolla exploded in flames Wednesday night after police say a Suzuki motorcycle collided with it at Charleston and Arville.

Rolando Taqueban survived the accident. He said, "It's frightening sir."

66-year-old Rolando Taqueban was behind the wheel of the Toyota. He tells us he was on his way home from picking up his daughter. She had just finished work at a valley hospital.

"Suddenly there was a big boom! Big fire", says Taqueban.

Taqueban tells us he remembers making a left turn from Charleston onto Arville when the collision happened.

He says in an instant, flames surrounded him, his 3-year old grandson, his girlfriend, and daughter.

"The motorcycle hit the side of the passenger side where the line -- the gasoline line located", said Taqueban.

Taqueban says immediately his adrenaline took over.

"The first thing that came from my mind to remove take out my relatives. My daughter. My grandson and girlfriend", he said.

The 46-year-old motorcycle rider died at UMC Hospital.

Police say there was a 30-year-old woman on the bike also. She's still in critical condition. Taqueban didn’t know the motorcycle rider had died.

Taqueban says he prays for the people on the motorcycle. At the same time, he says it’s a miracle he and his family made it out alive without burns.

"Especially my daughter and my granddaughter, and thank God I was able to do that."

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