Mysterious groundwater seeping throughout Henderson neighborhood

A Henderson community is concerned about water that is seeping throughout the neighborhood, literally coming up from the ground.

It's happening in a subdivision near Eastern and Sunridge Parkway.

We noticed at least two areas where the water seems to be flowing steadily. Some of the neighbors, including HOA board member Rod Streets, are concerned it may be a disaster waiting to happen.

"In the last 6 months we've seen the water coming out of the asphalt, which tells me there's a significant amount of pressure to force the water up," said Streets."So if it's going under the road, we're concerned we could have foundation issues with the homes."

We reached to Henderson for an explanation. They told us, "The city has tested the water and determined it is not from a portable source, which means it is ground water."

They also told us there's an ongoing investigation... But time to these residents means ongoing erosion and potential problems. Some residents showed us what they claim are water-damaged retaining walls. Others are worried about possible sink holes. They want the water problem fixed, they say before it's too late.

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