Naked man wielding automatic handgun tells police 'finish me'

Police: Naked man shot by LVMPD officer began to run back to gun. 8/08/17 (Craig Fiegener | KSNV)

Police said Jason Funke is the naked man involved in the shooting with police that took place in front of a church.

It happened near Eastern Avenue and Warm Springs Road on August 5.

According to the arrest report Funke "appeared to be meditating in the doorway.” A man named Keith says Funke had an "automatic handgun lying on the ground in front of him."

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In the report, Funke told Keith he used "LSD, Marijuana, and alcohol." Keith also told police, Funke had donated to the church but seemed not to recognize himself when he was called by name. Keith said that's when Funke had employees and children move to the back of the room and called the police.

During a press conference, police said Funke put his hands down to his side as walked toward officers obeying their commands. Funke obeyed commands until he was about ten feet of officers, but he refused to get down on the ground. Instead, he ran back toward the gun he left on the ground.

An officer said he was afraid if Funke reached for the gun he would fire at officers and potentially even hurt the kids inside the school. An officer shot Funke in the shoulder to stop him from getting the gun.

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Funke was taken into custody, but repeatedly he told police "finish me”.

Police said they got Funke's clothes and $30,000 in cash after it all ended. The gun was impounded by CSA.

At the time the gun was recovered it had nine bullets in the magazine, one in the chamber, the hammer cocked back and the safety was off.

Jason Funke faces one count of possession of a dangerous weapon on the property of a school and another for indecent exposure.

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