Today marks the first '4/20' since Nevada legalized recreational marijuana


For cannabis connoisseurs, April 20th -- or 4/20 -- marks an unofficial holiday. It also marks the first "4/20" since recreational marijuana was made legal here in the State of Nevada.

'420' is a term coined in the pot-smoking community. Its official origins are hazy, but it is widely used as a code between users to signal a time for their plans to go up in smoke.

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Marijuana remains a contentious topic in America. A recent Yahoo/Marist survey says 35 million American adults smoke weed regularly, but White House officials have spoken recently about stepping up federal enforcement of anti-marijuana laws.

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Medical marijuana is now legal in 28 states, but recreational use is only legal in eight states, including Nevada. However, despite the recently-enacted law allowing the drug in the state, there currently is no legal way to sell marijuana recreationally. Some Nevada cities, including Henderson and Carson City, have even enacted laws preventing the sale of the drug for recreational use.

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For now, if you want to celebrate 4/20 safely and legally, just use it as an excuse to watch "dazed and confused" for the hundredth time.

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