Nevada Attorney General working with GoFundMe to stop scammers after Vegas tragedy

GoFundMe's website

Nevada Attorney General Adam Paul Laxalt is warning Nevadans of scammers forming sham charities and seeking donations in the wake of Sunday’s horrific attack.

As a result of the outpouring of monetary support, Attorney General Laxalt and GoFundMe are working to ensure donations meant to help victims of the shooting are actually going to those who need it and not to scammers.

“I warn individuals attempting to donate in the wake of Sunday’s tragedy that there are many illegitimate GoFundMe accounts and sham charities unimaginably trying to profit from this horrific tragedy,” said Attorney General Laxalt. Many are aware of the highly successful GoFundMe account by Sheriff Lombardo and Commissioner Sisolak, among others that are legitimate and valid. I urge Nevadans to visit to ensure each and every donation benefits our survivors and families of innocent victims. My office is working with the crowdsourcing platform to ensure donors’ generosity and good will are not capitalized upon by scammers.”

GoFundMe has set up a direct link for Las Vegas victims: If a donor has a question or wants to know more about a campaign before making a donation, the donor can reach out to GoFundMe or the campaign organizer directly through the GoFundMe page.

Nevada consumers can file complaints regarding fraudulent charities with the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

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