Next goal for Veterans Village: Third campus for those who need assisted living

Officials at Veterans Village look to open its third campus, near 14th Street and Fremont, in the fall. (Denise Rosch/KSNV)

Veterans Village, a nonprofit dedicated to getting homeless veterans off the streets, is set to open its third campus in the Las Vegas valley.

An abandoned apartment complex near 14th Street and Fremont is being converted into an assisted living facility with 88 beds, a full kitchen and medical staff here to help around the clock.

“We have one other facility like this that we know of that's just for veterans, and there's a big demand for this,” said Veterans Village founder Arnold Stark.

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Stark says he is in the process of buying the building – for $8 million.

“It's money we need to raise, but we have a lender we're hoping will lend us the money,” Stark said. “But we're looking for help from the community, of course.”

The first campus at 1150 Las Vegas Blvd. South offers emergency and transitional housing. The second campus, 50 N. 21st St., offers rental units.

“It just makes all the difference in the world to have people care,” said Chip Porter, a veteran who was once homeless and struggling with addition, but now on staff with Veterans Village.

The third, according to Stark, will close the so-call continuum of care – veterans who can no longer live on their own. Stark says he is hopeful the facility can welcome residents in four to five months.

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“This is the respect and dignity we need to do as a community,” Stark said. “It's our opinion (that) it's not the government's responsibility … It's our responsibility as citizens here.”

It’s a responsibility to care for the men and women who answered that call to service, and ending homelessness for veterans, once and for all.

Veterans Village is also reaching out to the UNLV School of Medicine and Touro University, hoping to bring med students here to help with some of the clinical care.

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