Alert neighbor and retired cop's gut feeling leads to arrest of suspected mail thief

Henderson Mail Thief (1).jpg 8/04/16 (Henderson Police)

An alert neighbor and a retired cop's intuition helped bring a mail thief to justice.

Henderson Police says 28-year-old Joe Wasson, a convicted felon accused of stealing from people's mailboxes across the Las Vegas Valley, is behind bars.

Wasson is being held at the Henderson Detention Center.

"I feel much better now. I don't have to sit and look out my window every time it's time for the mail to come," said Kelly Korb.

Kelly Korb lives in Calico Ridge. She called News 3 in June about a mail thief caught on camera in her quiet neighborhood.

"It's infuriating seeing that kind of thing happen. It just makes you want to get out and do something about it," she continued.

Her neighborhood banded together. One watchful neighbor spotted a U-Haul in the neighborhood Wednesday and something didn't feel right.

"He was driving so slowly and stopping and going down all the cul-de-sac's," said one neighbor.

"It didn't make sense to me. A U-Haul truck would be not knowing where he was going," she continued.

She followed the truck and town down the license plate and then called the police.

A couple hours later, a neighbor and retired cop spotted a U-Haul at a nearby shopping center.

"Sure enough, it was the same plate," said Korb.

"That was really interesting that he didn't go that far!" said another neighbor.

Wasson was arrested and taken to jail. Neighbors believe he is the same guy in the surveillance video from June.

A couple hundred pieces of mail were found in the back of the U-Haul, according to the Postal Inspector.

Henderson Police says they also found methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, and a gun.

Korb and her neighbors are glad their vigilance paid off.

"When you have a neighborhood watch, and people are really active and watching, that's what makes all the difference in the world."

If you are wondering how Korb and are neighbors are so connected, it's because most of them are on Nextdoor, a free smartphone app.

To find out more on Nextdoor, click here.

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