WATCH: YouTube video shows police shooting near Tropicana and Arville


UPDATE: News 3 has obtained footage of this incident. YouTuber Steven Nagy uploaded the video which shows the event in full detail.

We want to warn you, this video is extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.

News 3 is working to gather more information on this story. Check back for details.



Two officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department were shot during an exchange of gunfire in an officer-involved shooting in the south-central valley.

According to LVMPD, an incident started two-days prior to the shooting, when the suspect broke into a car at a grocery store parking lot and stole numerous phones.

The owner tracked the location of the suspect through one of the phones and notified police.

Officers received a suspicious vehicle call in front of a business around 4:15 p.m. Tuesday, in the 4100 block of W. Tompkins Avenue near Tropicana Avenue and Arville Street.

As officers were trying to stop the suspect from leaving, he opened fire on the officers.

The first officer fired multiple shots back and was also hit and transported to UMC in stable condition.

A second officer was hit during the gunfire but the bullet was stopped by the gun belt the officer was wearing.

Officers established containment on the vehicle and gave the suspect numerous verbal commands. The suspect would not comply and the situation was treated as an armed barricaded suspect.

The LVMPD SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Team responded to take the armed barricaded suspect into custody. The suspect was unresponsive and officers from the LVMPD SWAT Team made a tactical approach and discovered the suspect was deceased in the vehicle.

Officers say the suspect sustained at least one gunshot wound from police and a self - inflicted gunshot wound.

UMC’s Dale Carrison spoke about the hospital’s level one trauma team. Carrison said all staff on the team including residents and interns are alerted and prepared to act any time a patient with life threatening wounds arrives there.

"It's our job to have activations, have the trauma team available immediately," said Carrison.

The UMC trauma team treated the officer who took a bullet to the lower left chest that exited the lower back. Carrison said the trauma surgeon is present, the anesthesiologist, the emergency physician, the entire trauma team join to save victims.

This is the 15th officer involved shooting of 2017.


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