OJ Simpson soon freed? Former prosecutor thinks yes.

He's been in prison in northern Nevada for nearly a decade and in just a few months, OJ Simpson could be a free man.

Simpson will be up before the Nevada Parole Board this summer.

For former Clark County District Attorney David Roger, the Simpson kidnapping and robbery trial is one of his most memorable.

"During this trial people were hugging him in the hallway, taking pictures with him, getting his autograph in the middle of a trial. It was insane," Roger said.

Simpson was convicted of robbery and kidnapping and sentenced to nine years to 33 years in prison in 2008.

"He's served nine years and he's presumably been a model inmate. He's 70 years old," Roger said.

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A model inmate Jeffrey Felix can attest to. He guarded the Juice for some time while he was a corrections officer at the state prison in Lovelock, Nev.

"OJ is a very polite guy, very charismatic, he's a role model inmate," Felix said.

The man who put him behind bars says he thinks Simpson will soon be free.

"I'm not going to go to the parole board on his behalf but yeah, nine years is a pretty long time for an armed robbery in the state of Nevada," Roger said.

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Roger added that OJ would have been out of prison long ago if he had taken a plea deal they offered after his trial began.

"We told him that if he was willing to plead guilty, go straight to prison and do two and a half years, 30 months, we'd be satisfied with that," Roger said.

Instead of two and a half years, Simpson has served more than three times that amount of time.

A spokesman for the Nevada Parole Board tells News 3 Simpson's parole hearing has yet to be scheduled but it will likely happen sometime in July. The earliest he could be released would be sometime in October.

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