Police say apartment security guard accused of killing man lied to detectives

Malik Kendrick (LVMPD/KSNV)

New details from a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report describe a security guard out to kill a man.

Candles placed in memory of 20-year-old Travone Crockett are still visible at the east side apartment pool where he died, near Lake Mead and Hollywood boulevards.

Police say on Thursday night, the security guard for the apartment, identified as 19-year-old Malik Kendrick, shot and killed Crockett. A 14-year-old girl was also wounded from the gunfire.

Shawn Vincent was friends with Crockett.

"It's very unfortunate for the community," said Vincent. "He was a likable guy. He knew a lot of people around here."

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Vincent doesn't understand why his 20-year-old friend was murdered.

According to a police report by LVMPD, the victim and accused gunman had problems in the past. The 14-year-old who was wounded told police she saw Kendrick, dressed in what appeared to be a yellow security shirt, walk past the pool. Five minutes later, shots rang out.

Gene Carter lives at the apartment complex.

"I actually don't feel that it's appropriate," said Carter. "I think we can settle things in a more proper matter than just going get your gun, coming back to shooting someone."

The police report goes on to say that when police interviewed Kendrick, he told them he heard the gunshots and called 911. Kendrick denied seeing any suspect.

When police asked Kendrick for a swab of his hands for gunfire residue, they say he started acting sick and started spitting on his hands. Police then made the decision to arrest Kendrick for murder.

"We are supposed to be safe, that what we have security guards for in our complex, to hear what happened and find out he did it, who do we trust now?" said Vincent.

Vincent misses his friend. At the same time, he hopes changes come towards the way the apartment complex is secured.

"I would love to have changes," said Vincent. "I would love to have a community outreach, at least a meeting where we meet the security guards ourselves."

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