Police sting operation: Video shows man bashing 'sleeping' mannequin with hammer

Surveillance video taken on the morning of Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017, shows a suspect attacking a mannequin near downtown Las Vegas as part of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department sting operation. (LVMPD)

The surveillance video shows a man walking back and forth at the intersection of Ogden and City Parkway in downtown Las Vegas.

The video is from Feb. 23.

Police say the man in the video is Shane Schindler and, after a few minutes, he makes an unexpected move.

The video shows Schindler standing over the mannequin decoy they placed in a sleeping bag.

A minute later, he reaches into a plastic bag and pulls out a mini-sledgehammer.

He uses both arms to lift the hammer over his head and strikes the mannequin.

Seconds later, Schindler walks away and officers with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department move in with guns drawn.

LVMPD Officer Larry Hadfield called the sting an innovative way to try and catch a suspected killer.

“You have a person who was randomly killing people and because of some out of the box thinking you had someone who was dangerous to anyone in this community, get put in jail, right where he belongs,” said Officer Larry Hadfield.

During a police interrogation Schindler told investigators he purchased the hammer from another homeless person for three dollars, but despite what the video shows he says he never used it to hit the mannequin.

"At what point did you learn that that was a dummy?” asked one officer. “I knew beforehand. I could tell it was a dummy right off the bat," Schindler responded.

When asked what did he did do with the mannequin, his response was, “Well I may have kicked it, you know."

"Did you ever hit it with a hammer?" asked police.

"No! Never hit it with a hammer. No!"

Schindler was indicted May 4 by a Clark County grand jury on attempted murder and carrying a concealed firearm or another deadly weapon.

His trial is scheduled to begin Aug. 7.

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