Possible Henderson water source identified

The mysterious water seeping in one Henderson community may not have such a mysterious explanation. The culprit is likely something Southern Nevada construction workers know all too well: caliche.

Doctor John Keller is a Hydro-Geologist and Professor at CSN. He says yes, the recent rains and snow melt are likely causing underground pockets of water to build, trapped by the caliche and eventually pushing to the surface.

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"If that water is pooling and moving," said Keller, "once it comes into contact with a house or retaining wall, those dissolved ions can then have chemical reactions, and maybe it starts to eat away."

Which brings us to the complaints of several homeowners, specifically those in the Lennar homes, "Aventine" subdivision, cracks, a sinking pool, walls separating.

Doctor Keller can't comment on that development specifically but says groundwater certainly has the potential to cause damage.

"As it moves...since it has mass, it's able to erode the materials. So it erodes it and at the surface, you can get a gradual kind of sinking," he said.

Lennar Homes did issue a statement that reads:

"Lennar is very serious about addressing customer concerns. We have no evidence that any homes in the Aventine community are sinking nor are we aware of any groundwater issues. If there is an issue with Lennar’s work, Lennar will stand behind its warranty as we have done for hundreds of thousands of homeowners."

Residents, however, say water in the area has already been tested, including a flowing puddle in the next community over.

Henderson authorities tell News 3 it is ground water.

As for a possible solution, Doctor Keller suggests, "You can install a temporary well and pump the water out."

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