Pros, cons presented when using instant hangover relief

LAS VEGAS (KSNV A little too much drinking on New Year's Eve had some people suffering and searching for hangover cures.

One option to be found on the Strip comes in the form of an IV.

Dr. Andrew Garff of Reviv, a wellness spa in the MGM Grand, says dehydration is the hangover's culprit. For about $100, he says his licensed staff can take care of that -- pumping fluids, vitamins and pain relievers into your veins, when drinking water just isn't working fast enough.

Dr. David Obert of University Medical Center, says the procedure can be safe.

"As long as they're using sterile technique and it's being placed by appropriate professionals whether they're paramedics or nurses as long as they're doing it how they've been taught, it's relatively safe from a standpoint of intravenous catheters," he said.

What concerns Obert is the possible overuse of the IV.

To get the IV, customers have to complete a medical survey and get their vitals tested.

For those who don't want to get an iv to recover from a hangover, doctors at UMC recommend to get hydrated with water or sports drink, and avoid greasy foods.

Doctors say it will take some time -- maybe 10 to 12 hours -- to feel completely better.

If that doesn't work, doctors say opt instead for a bland diet.