Prosecutor: Righetti assaulted four other girls before Otremba murder

According to the prosecution, Javier Righetti assaulted four other girls prior to the assault and murder of 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba. 3/17/17 (KSNV)

Javier Righetti was convicted Thursday of raping, torturing, and killing 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba back in 2011.

Now, prosecutors are asking the jury to send him to death row.

Jurors learned today that Otremba was not 24-year-old Righetti's first assault victim, but that he had actually assaulted four other girls.

One of the victims was a family member that he sexually assaulted less than three months before Otremba was killed.

"He raped his own cousin," said prosecutor Giancarlo Pesci.

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Prosecutors say the pattern is clear.

Righetti, a sex offender, committed his first attack at Centennial High School in 2009, long before the brutal rape and stabbing death of Otremba.

The victim, who we are not identifying, told jurors Righetti grabbed her inside a girls' restroom, choking her, but only stopping when another girl walked in.

"He was saying, 'shut up and I won't hurt you,' over and over again," said the victim.

Two years later, a second victim.

"He tried to rape me. I stopped him. Then he forced me to give him oral sex," said the second victim.

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That attack happened in the same tunnels where Righetti would later follow Otremba, stabbing the Arbor View High School student more than 80 times before burning her body in the desert.

Both Otremba's sister and mother addressed the jury on Friday.

"She was my world. We were inseparable," said Megan Otremba, Alyssa's sister.

"She was just a light and so much energy in our house, and it's just not there anymore," said Jennifer Otremba, Alyssa's mother.

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With family photos displayed for the jury, the Otrembas spoke of Alyssa's happy childhood and the pain for them that will never go away.

As for the defense, they agree Righetti must be punished.

"If we had an excuse, you would have heard it in the trial phase," said defense attorney Ryan Bashor.

However, the defense is urging the panel to send their client to prison for life ... instead of death row.

According to officials, Righetti did serve time in a juvenile facility for one of the previous assaults and even had undergone counseling there.

Testimony picks back up on Monday, March 20, when we expect to hear from the cousin he attacked.

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