Pence in Las Vegas: Israel has no stronger friend than Donald Trump

It was the message several hundred members of the Republican Jewish Coalition wanted to hear.

“America stands with Israel,” said Vice President Mike Pence, in an address Friday evening at the Venetian punctuated by applause.

Pence was clearly among friends, standing before an organization that endorsed Donald Trump for President last spring. With the RJC’s main benefactor, Venetian owner and billionaire Sheldon Adelson sitting directly in front, Pence laid out a muscular and unwavering case of American support for its closest Mideast ally.

After a frosty relationship with a Democrat in the White House...Israel's Conservative Prime Minister now sees in American's 45th President a partner. Even though he gently chided Israel for holding off on settlements, Donald Trump also made clear that a so-called "One-state" solution - without the Palestinians would be fine by him, although he said, “I’m very happy with the one that both parties like.” The President made the remarks last week during a White House visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“But as the President said, any agreement must be reached by both sides, and where there undoubtedly have to compromise, know this: the Trump administration will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish state of Israel,” Pence said tonight.

Trump and Pence viewed the Obama administration as negligent and naïve in its approach to the Mideast. Pence told the crowd tonight there’s a new administration, with a new approach.

On Iran, for instance, “we told the ayatollahs in Tehran that they should check the calendar. There’s a new President in the Oval Office, and his name is Donald Trump” Pence said tonight. During the campaign, then-candidate Trump had been particularly critical of the Obama’s administration’s deal with Iran that stopped its nuclear program. Trump and other Republicans called it a bad deal that let Iran off easy.

“President Trump will never allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. That is our solemn promise to you,” Pence says.

Pence said American will build up its arsenal to protect itself and shield Israel. “We will hunt down and destroy ISIS at its source so that it can no longer threaten our people,” he said.

On Wednesday, Pence, in St. Louis, helped repair a Jewish Cemetary hit by vandals...part of a growing wave of anti-semitic incidents seen across the country.

“Let me be clear: we condemn these vile acts of vandalism and those who perpetrated them in the strongest possible terms,” Pence said. “Hatred and anti-Semitism have no place in America.”

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