Raiders’ future could rest on parking spots

A neighborhood on the verge of change: the site of the future Raiders stadium and current debate over parking. (Jeff Gillan | KSNV)

Joni Mitchell once sang the now famous lyric “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot”. On Tuesday, those words almost came to life as the Paradise Town Advisory Board decided the fate of some 14,000 parking spots on the site of the Raiders’ stadium.

News 3 reported on Monday that the proposed stadium site off Russell Road was some 14,000 parking spots short of the County’s required 16,000.

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The Raiders’ are trying to find options but they need approval in the way of a waiver. Step one was to get a recommendation on that parking spot waiver from the town that is now the home of the NFL franchise.

Representatives of the project asked the five person board to let them find another way but the Raiders want to explore their options. Which include buying property somewhere close to the stadium site, constructing pedestrian bridges to the Las Vegas Strip, creating a shuttle service to an off site location, or some combination.

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The Advisory Board voted yes to the Team’s request and will send their recommendation to the County who will hear the same arguments.

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