Local heroes in need of rescuing

The completed 60 missions last year alone. Even with 200 members, Red Rock Search and Rescue continues to expand. They need help from the community to make that happen. 7/12/2016 (Kelsey Thomas | KSNV)

Our rescuers need a rescue.

Every year, hundreds are reported missing in Clark County.

A group of dedicated volunteers can always be counted on to respond to that urgent call.

They are the people you want on your side if you ever get lost.

News 3 has reported the stories time and time again. There are missing hikers who take a wrong turn or a child who runs away from home and is in danger.

Every time, Red Rock Search, Rescue, and Recovery is always ready to help.

Sergio Cortez had never heard of the group until his daughter went missing last year.

"I was really a zombie all those days because it was such a horrifying, terrifying feeling to not know where your child is," said Cortez.

Until your child goes missing, Cortez says you don't know that every passing second is crucial.

On February 10, 2015, a massive search began for Cortez's 13-year-old daughter and her friend.

Red Rock Search, Rescue, and Recovery led the search that started at the motels that line Boulder Highway.

"As soon as I had her in my hands, I knew I was complete. I knew she was going to be good. We were all going to be good because she was alive," Cortez explained.

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The team continues to expand. There are 200 members. That doesn't include the 13 dogs and seven horses. They work together to search for missing people. Last year alone, they had 60 missions.

Their area stretches from St. George, Utah to Yuma, Ariz. and everything in between.

"The motto is we never quit. And part of that is, sometimes people have been missing for a long time. And those cases, we're there to try and bring closure to the families," said Captain Leo Bletnitsky of Red Rock Search, Rescue, and Recovery.

Now the volunteers who help us need our help more than ever.

A fire destroyed the RV that families use when the team is searching for their loved ones.

A blowout on the road damaged a truck that pulls their mobile command post.

Both are crucial tools for the team of rescue volunteers that brings closure to families.

"It's often much worse to not know what happen to somebody then to at least have closure. To know what happened," said Bletnitsky.

Red Rock Search, Rescue, and Recovery has started a GoFundMe account. Every little bit helps. To donate, CLICK HERE.

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