Report: Las Vegas fire captain paid $300 to have sex with teen in fire station dorm

Richard Loughry (LVMPD/KSNV)

A Las Vegas City Fire Captain arrested for sex crimes with a child paid $300 to have sex with her in a fire station dormitory, according to an arrest report.

Richard Loughry, 46, was arrested Monday by a regional human trafficking task force. He faces several felony charges after police say he found the victim through online ads and paid to have sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Attorney Louis Schneider represents the teen victim, who he says was taken six weeks ago by an unidentified man and forced into sex slavery. Police say Loughry responded to one of several sex ads posted on

At one point, according to the report, the victim was delivered to a fire station in Summerlin.

“She told me that she had been brought to a fire station and that a captain had come out of the fire station and taken her by the hand and walked her past the fire engines and into the captain's dormitory and had sex with her in there,” said Schneider.

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The girl’s older sister reached out to Schneider for help.

“As an attorney and as a father I found it so offensive. She barely got the words out of her mouth and I called an FBI agent … and they came immediately to my office,” said Schneider.

An investigation led authorities to Loughry and a secret phone he told police he used to contact girls. One text message reads: “Are you ok visiting me at my fire station? I have my own room, we will be totally alone.”

“He is going to have to answer to his wife and his children,” said Schneider.

While Schneider admits Loughry is innocent until proven guilty, his focus remains on the young girl.

“She is a child. When I saw her she was a child … how could you not know she was a child and it's heartbreaking and I have children of my own … and it's a horrible thing,” said Schneider.

Loughry told police that he had girls over at the fire station in the past for sex but he would never have done so if he knew they were underage.

Loughry remains in custody without bail. He is expected to face a judge for the first time Thursday morning.

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