Report: Man fatally stabbed woman he met online after she invited him over for breakfast

Steven Olsen (LVMPD/KSNV)

There is no chance for bail for the man accused of stabbing a local woman to death after meeting her online.

Steven Olsen, 18, made his first court appearance on Tuesday as we learn more about the crime for the police report.

Olsen's confession is spelled out in an arrest report. He says he met the 45-year-old victim, Lizzette Schley, online sometime between February and April of 2017.

He also says the two had a sexual relationship.

But on July 9, police say he went to her home for another reason: to rob and kill her.

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His first court appearance was quick. Olsen answered a handful of questions as he stood before a judge Tuesday morning.

Olsen is charged with the stabbing death of 45-year-old Schley, found inside her home near Jones Boulevard and Vegas Drive on July 9.

"I just heard a blood-curdling scream and I started banging on the door," said a neighbor who did not want to be identified, calling police shortly after the scream.

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"She was trying to get out through the front door but she was stabbed to death," said Lt. Dan McGrath with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. "And then our officers had to go around and make entry through the back."

Last week, the investigation led to the arrest of Olsen, who had plenty to say to detectives.

According to his arrest report, Olsen told police he and Schley met online. The two had consensual sex, but Olsen says he wasn't interested in dating Schley because of their age difference.

The report goes on, that on July 9, Schley invited Olsen to her house for breakfast.

He accepted and "planned on robbing and killing Lizzette," according to the report, even arriving with "his large Bowie knife, latex gloves, and additional clothing."

Olsen says he stabbed Schley "in the stomach, head, face, and slashed at her legs," in an attack Olsen believes lasted five minutes.

He says he then ran from the home, jumping a back wall when he heard knocking at the front door.

In the report, Olsen says he wanted to steal Schley's cash and cell phone, but because of that neighbor knocking on the door, he wasn't able to grab anything.

Now, Olsen is being held without bail. He will be back in court on Sept. 15.

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