Opening statements begin in the Alyssa Otremba murder trial

It’s Alyssa Otremba’s day as a jury is sworn in for the murder trial of Javier Righetti, a man who could get the death penalty if the details of the case against him equals a conviction.

Thursday, prosecutors spoke more than the defense, telling the jury, “Alyssa is gone…she’s gone because she crossed paths with the defendant Mr. Righetti.”

September 2, 2011, Otremba, missing her geometry book, walked through a tunnel to a friend’s house hoping to borrow his book. On her return trip, prosecutors say Javier Righetti spotted Alyssa, and tracked her with a knife in hand.

Prosecutors say Righetti’s statements to police reveal the girl knew she was being followed because Righetti told them as much. 320 feet from her home, prosecutors say Righetti stabbed the teen more than 80 times after raping her. Jurors were shown surveillance video of the accused buying gasoline at a gas station they say he used to burn the girl’s body, alleging it was an attempt to cover up the evidence.

The jury also saw interior photos of Righetti’s home, where police found the girl’s phone, bloody shoes, bloody pants, a gas can and the knife they believe Righetti used to take the teen’s life.

In court Thursday, defense attorneys only stood to admonish jurors to put their emotions aside while serving as jurors.

If Javier Righetti is found guilty…he could be the youngest man on Nevada’s death row.


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