Rumor's title run could spur German shepherd adoptions in Las Vegas

When Rumor became only the second German shepherd ever to capture the Westminster Kennel Club’s “Best in Show” Tuesday night at New York City’s Madison Square Garden, it came as a shock. The breed had won the award once at the event that began in 1877.

But it came as no surprise to Shari Dale, the director of Adoptions for Vegas Shepherd Rescue.

“They're a special breed and they need special homes,” she said.

Vegas Shepherd Rescue is a nonprofit that has saved 476 German shepherds in the past five years. Another potential rescue is a 6-month old named Truffles that is in need of a little more training.

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“There's a special way to train,” Dale said. “You can't hurt their feelings or crush their spirit because they are very sensitive and do poorly in shelters because of it.”

Dale says while German shepherds are bred to be aloof and protective, they're also extremely loyal. A graduate, Bandit, is now a service dog for a veteran with PTSD.

“The police dogs, military uses them,” Dale said. “So there's much interest, but do your research. They're not for everybody.”

Vegas Shepherd Rescue currently has about a dozen dogs waiting for adoption. Prospective owners can expect to be thoroughly vetted.

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