Tarkanian Middle School fight club leads to 25 suspensions

Several students at Tarkanian Middle School were suspended after a staff member discovered organized fights in an online video (KSNV)

A teacher uncovered an organized fight club at Tarkanian Middle School. Parents say dozens of seventh-grade boys were involved.

"Boys will be boys ... but it's kind of shocking,” said Tarkanian Middle School parent Kimmie Ott.

It’s the reaction of Ott – a parent – who sends her son to Tarkanian Middle School. Ott says she had no idea loosely organized fights were happening inside the boy’s bathroom.

Upset parents tell News 3 they learned these student fights have been going on for a couple of months, usually before school. Some of the fights were posted on social media by students and they show boys punching and kicking one another.

"I think it puts a little fear. Nobody likes to be bullied and pushed into a situation,” said Ott. “As parents, I think all of our kids deal with it a little bit."

Parents picking up kids involved in the fighting say at least 25 students have been suspended. One parent told us her son was suspended for 10 days plus nine more days of in-house suspension when he comes back to school.

Gary Gatrell has two daughters who go to Tarkanian Middle School.

"It's bad. Number one, you would think they have a better monitoring system,” said Gatrell. “Are there not cameras in the hallways?"

Clark County School District officials say they are looking into these organized fights. We are told a teacher discovered the fights online and alerted administrators.

Gatrell says he's concerned for his daughters’ safety.

"She could be at the wrong place at the wrong time,” said Gatrell. “There she could get hurt that way."

Ott wants Tarkanian Middle School staff to be more observant.

"I believe we have to be more proactive parents and kind of double check that we are communicating with our kids,” said Ott.

CCSD officials are investigating the fights.

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