Sewer line warranties encouraged by City of North Las Vegas leave some confused

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Apparently, there's some confusion from homeowners over letters received by the City of North Las Vegas.

Some residents may even be wondering if it's a scam or something that deserves a closer look.

Jim Pirih is a North Las Vegas homeowner whose emotions have gone from flustered to furious. And it's because of a letter he received from the city telling him he should consider buying a warranty for his sewer lines.

According to city leaders, the letters are sent to every homeowner twice a year; one for water lines, and one for sewer lines. Those utility lines are not covered by the city should something go wrong.

The recommended warranty provider is a company called Service Line Warranties.

"Although we don't necessarily endorse them," said Randall Devaul, Director of Utilities for North las Vegas, "we do get a 10-percent commission for every monthly payment they make."

That's right, the city gets a commission off every warranty that's sold.

"But I don't think that the City of North Las Vegas should endorse a private company for profit, that bothers me," said Pirih."

But the city doesn't see it that way. They believe they're providing a service by educating the public. The warranty is only an "option" according to the letter.

News 3 also learned North Las Vegas also received 27,000 dollars for the right to use their logo.

"I don't think that this type of advertising is proper, I don't think it's correct," said Pirih.

He also poses the question, could he get a city endorsement for his business if he paid a fee?

The fact is the contract with Service Line Warranties was approved by city council in 2013, and city leaders believe if it can save a homeowner up to $8,000 in unexpected repairs, that is a good thing.

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