SPEEDVEGAS to reopen next week after crash that killed two

UPDATE FEB. 16: SPEEDVEGAS will reopen next week after a deadly crash that killed two. They released a statement on Facebook.


Two fathers who were once strangers now have a connection that no one saw coming.

Family and friends are remembering an instructor and driver who died together in a fiery Lamborghini crash Sunday at SPEEDVEGAS.

It was standing room only Wednesday afternoon at a funeral service for Gil Ben-Kely. The 59-year-old loved two things in life: his family and fast cars.

In a home video, Ben-Kely referred to an engine roaring as the "sound of music." "He loved the car. He loved the sound," said family friend Alaina Magrini. "He loved the way people smiled when they heard the engine as well, because they felt his passion," he continued.

The veteran racing instructor was a father of two and a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Ben-Kely lived life in the fast lane. His children were his biggest fans.

"I could tell him, how do I do this? In a second, I would have an answer," said his son, Shon Ben-Kely.

"When we fell and hurt ourselves as kids. He didn't hold us. He said, you can do it and it made us strong. We can keep on going with that lesson," said his daughter, Nathalie Ben-Kely-Scott.

"We're not really burying my Dad today. We're celebrating my dad today. He wrote in his trust, have a big party," explained Shon Ben-Kely.

News 3 has learned Craig Sherwood was the driver behind the wheel of the Lamborghini when it lost control.

"He was a hardworking man, a generous man," said longtime friend Tunde Tokunboh.

Sherwood was a realtor and father of two from Ontario, Canada.

Tokunboh said Sherwood was in Las Vegas for a real estate seminar.

"He was excited for this trip, to see where it would take him to this next level," said Tokunboh.

OSHA is in charge of the investigation into what went wrong at SPEEDVEGAS since it's considered a workplace accident.

An OSHA representative told News 3 the crash is still under investigation.

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