Steve Wynn talks changing course on Question 1 and will vote against Question 2

Steve Wynn talks changing course on Question 1 and will vote against Question 2. 11/07/16 (KSNV)

A high-profile supporter is reversing course on Question 1, the initiative that would expand gun background checks in Nevada.

Casino mogul Steve Wynn originally supported the Question 1 initiative and gave $50,000 dollars to back Question 1 supporters. But after a visit from two of his executives, he went back and took a second look.

Wynn, says he found the new rules much too restrictive and create many situations that could lead to a person having their right to bear arms, taken away.

"I think that anytime we restrict constitutional rights of any citizen the grounds on which disqualification and being listed on a criminal registration should arbitrarily be decided by bureaucrats," said Wynn.

Wynn also says he will vote against Question 2, the recreational marijuana initiative because it makes it too easy for children to get their hands on edible marijuana products.

NRA statement on Wynn reversal on Question 1:

"This stunning reversal by Steve Wynn – a member of Michael Bloomberg’s gun control advisory board -- could be a game changer,” said Robert Uithoven, Nevadans for Freedom campaign director. “Like many unsuspecting Nevadans, Mr. Wynn believed the Bloomberg campaign’s false claims that Question 1 would keep guns out of the hands of criminals and make Nevadans safer. After taking a closer look at the poorly worded initiative, Mr. Wynn told Fox News he now opposes Question 1, along with Governor Sandoval, Congressman Heck, Attorney General Laxalt and 16 of the 17 elected sheriffs in Nevada. ‘I don't think anyone knows the extent of the overreach that [Question 1] would allow.’ Wynn went on to concede that the NRA Nevadans for Freedom is right when we say that this measure will criminalize the commonplace activities of Nevada’s law-abiding gun owners. The truth is Question 1 will not make Nevadans any safer. It will instead cost law-abiding citizens time, money, and freedom.”
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